Jun. 16, 2018

Happy Trails

Yesterday was a difficult day for us. We had to say good bye to a faithful and cherished friend and companion, my wife, Dawna’s horse Kadeem. It was something we knew was coming, but no level of mental preparation can ever fully prepare us for the emotions of loss. This morning, when we first got up, Dawna was processing all that had happened and how this new day would be the beginning of a new phase in the journey of life. She said that in her mind she kept seeing all the places they had been, all the trails that they had shared together. She remembered all the wonderful times they shared. She said she didn’t picture the trials. There were times that they would go to shows or trials together, but those were more stressful than fun for both of them. What they loved was going together, running free, in both familiar and new places. These were the images she saw and are the memories she will cherish.  

It occurred to me, even as Dawna shared it, that the words trails and trials are made up of the same letters. So too are the trails and the trials of our journey in life made up of the same things. It is up to us to decide whether we will focus on and remember the stress and difficulties of the trials or the happiness and joy of the trails. Run free Kadeem! Thank you for all that you gave us. Most of all thank You God for giving us both a precious companion and a wonderful lesson for our lives. Happy trails to all!