Jan. 22, 2017

What is unity?

Many in our culture have mistakenly substituted the words and the concepts of equality and unity with being the same or identical. There is a mistaken idea that in order to be unified we must think the same, that for there to be equality we must eliminate anything and everything that makes us different.  How awful that version of unity and equality would be.

True unity and true equality is when in spite of the things which make us different we acknowledge, accept and value others. Only a foolish person would realistically look around and say that we are all the same. Some are tall, some are short. Some are thick and some are thin. Some are dark and others are light. Like it or not there are scientific, genetic differences in all of us. We are even male and female, to deny it or blur the lines of difference and uniqueness does not make us equal or unified. It is foolishness.

 Tolerance is a buzz word in today’s society and culture. In truth though, tolerance is not nearly enough. It is possible to tolerate someone or something we despise. Tolerance does not bring about unity. Unity is borne on the principles of love and respect.  Equality happens when people are treated the same despite their differences.  

We will never all be the same. We will never all think the same. Unity and equality will only be achieved if we move past tolerance and truly value others for their individuality, both in what they are and what they believe.