Jun. 22, 2015

Steps to being a good step-parent



  1. Becoming a step-parent might seem like more of a leap than a step, but I believe these few steps will help you along the way.

  2. You become a step-parent by marrying a parent. It is critical that you and your spouse take very seriously the commitment that “the two shall become one”  Take every step together.

  3. Take the first and every step with the guidance and direction of God. He adopted you as His child with all your faults and rebellion. He will teach you how to love as only He can, unconditionally.

  4. Always remember that while you may be a step-parent, you have made a choice you do not have step-children they are as if flesh of your flesh.

  5. A step-parent must be willing and patient to build relationships and respect one step at a time. There may be a large chasm that separates you in the beginning, you must be willing to continue to step toward your child even if they continue to step away.

  6. A step-parent must be willing to step up and do whatever it takes to meet the needs of their children.

  7. A step-parent must be willing to step back and remain in the background when the circumstances require it.

  8. A step-parent needs wisdom to know when to step back, when to step in and when to step up. No book can teach that wisdom. Every child and every circumstance is unique. Only the God who knew both you and your child before you were created can give you the wisdom for every need.

  9. If you make a misstep be quick to apologize. Three sincere words,  “ I am sorry”,  can be the first step to respect.

  10.     If you follow these steps you may someday be repaid when your child, who you have chosen, says thank you mom/dad.