why veins and nuggets?

Just as the biography page tells you a little about me, I wanted to give you a little explanation of what the purpose of this site is and what led to it's creation.

I have a deep love of the Word of God and for it's ability to impact life. I believe that God's word is like  gold in a  mine where the truth runs through like veins of precious metal. The symbolism of truth being like veins of gold that I would mine and bring to others was part of a  a prophetic word that was spoken over me nearly 10 years ago. After procrastinating and waiting for God to bring about these opportunities to share His simple truths, I felt the leading that it was time to begin. On 9/4/14, I started the process of creating this site. The next day I posted my first nuggets and have continued to post daily.    

 The word has the power to impact us at three different levels. First there is our ability to know the word. This knowledge of the word itself comes primarily from reading and hearing the word.

Second there is the level of understanding the word. It is possible to know the word, to memorize it, to be able to recite it and still not understand it. Understanding comes by studying the word. This can be informal, on our own, or through various levels of formal teaching and study. It includes translation, interpretation and contextual implications, among other forms of study.  Personally I believe that more than anything else though understanding is given by revelation through the Holy Spirit. Who better to reveal the truth of God than the Spirit of God.

Third and possibly most importantly is application. It does us little or no good for us to know the word, understand the word unless we apply the word to our lives and allow it to change us.

The focus of this site will be on the last two, understanding and application. What I right and share is more of a reflection on God's word as opposed to an in depth study. I am no where near a Biblical scholar, but I believe that the Word of God has a level of simplicity as well as deep mysteries. I also believe that while studying and gaining knowledge from men has value, the Holy Spirit is our best teacher, who better to instruct us about the Word of God than the Spirit of God.  My hope and prayer is that God's people will gain a deeper understanding of His word and that it will result in changed lives, as the word is applied to life circumstances.

The daily nuggets that I share will hopefully accumulate into a huge treasure trove of life changing truth.  I am amazed by what our God can do. Thanks to all who are visiting this site,  I hope that it and the daily nuggets will be a blessing to you and you will come back often. The greatest thanks you can extend to me is to share veinsoftruth.com with your friends.

God's peace and blessing,



update 9/7/2015

Today marks a special milestone for Veins of Truth. It is day 365, the one year anniversary of the site. I would never have imagined when I first created the site with the intention of writing a daily devotional blog, that there would be 35000 visits to the site in the first year. I am amazed and excited to see what lies ahead. I hope that many of you visit regularly and are blessed. I would greatly appreciate, if you would take a moment to leave a comment letting me know where you are from. I am humbled and amazed that the words I write each morning as I sit in my living room, in the quiet of God's presence can reach around the world. 

Thanks to all who visit, and share veinsoftruth.com and daily nuggets. May God bless you richly. To Him be the glory!



Update 2/13/17

Now in the third year God continues to bless and amaze. In my last update I celebrated that there had been 35000 visits to the pages of veinsoftruth in the first year. In the past month alone there were over 20000 visits. Thanks again to all who visit and share.

God bless you,