who am I

I just thought it might be appropriate for me to let you know a little about myself. My name is David Eddinger, you can call me Dave. God has called me His child. I am a prodigal who came back to my Father in 1986-87. I was joined in the return and the life journey since by my wife Dawna. We met in 1986 and were married in 1987. After years of living life our way which included previous marriages and divorce, mistakes and poor decisions, God spoke to each of us individually on the very same day telling us that we needed to get right. Our lives to this day are still impacted by some of the consequences of our poor decisions. But God is faithful and He has redeemed, restored and called us for His purposes, and as Romans 8:28-29 says He has caused all things to work together for good...conforming us to the image of His Son. Our lives are a testimony to His heart of love, redemption or restoration.  

I was born 8/7/1958, so my journey here is more than half over. I take great encouragment though from some of the great people of faith that God used and are recorded in the Bible. Men like Abraham and  Moses whom God prepared for many years through life experiences, in order that they could walk in their calling. I am also greatly inspired by Caleb, who at the age of 85 was not ready to retire but rather claim his inheiritence. Give me that mountain.

I have a deep love for God's word. I love to read it every day and find that miraculously there is new revelation no matter how often I have read a passage. Our God is infinite and indescribable and scripture is a revelation of Him and His character.

My wife is gifted in song, which she uses to worship both privately and leading others into God's presence. We also minister together in prophetic prayer and intercession. We never stop being amazed that God would allow us to join Him in His awesome work of healing, redemption and resoration.

This website is what I hope to be the first fruits of a prophetic word that was spoken over me nearly 10 years ago. The words "veins of truth" and "nuggets" were both spoken over me regarding the future and God's plan for me to share His word. Thank you Julian, for your ministry. Thank you Ted and Joyce for hosting that meeting. Thanks also to Ray and Tom, pastors, mentors and friends. Of course there are many others to whom I owe a debt of gratitude for the encouragment and opportunities for growth that were afforded me along the way. Thanks, next only to my Lord and savior, to my wonderful wife,my partner,  my friend and the best help mate I could have asked for.

To God be the glory.